AN EYE FOR DETAILS and A MIRACLE WORKER TOO, Hope Wasserman Weis. One of the very first calls I made upon hearing of my daughter Kate’s engagement was to Hope of Hope Weis Consulting. I knew that I was going to need help planning this wedding (my daughter lived out of state) and I knew that Hope was the one to help me. We hired her right away. After securing the chapel we then got busy with what I call the big four; venue, band, florist and photographer. For this, Hope’s feedback was critical. With her many years of experience in event planning, she knew many vendors and their level of professionalism. She made the initial calls to check availability and set appointments. We made our choices in no time and I was stress free all the while. Hope also gave us suggestions for the rehearsal dinner, tux rentals, hair and make-up stylists, videographer, hotels for out of town guests and goody bags. She then created a timeline for us which was our to-do list, it also kept us on track for the next eleven months!

While planning for Kate’s wedding  Hope was a steady force for my daughter and me. she was always easy to reach, returning my calls within the day. I highly recommend Hope Weis Consulting for event planning and can honestly say that Hope thought of all the details. She was always professional in her dealings with me and the vendors and is well respected throughout the hospitality industry. I will even go so far as to call her a miracle worker. Just two and a half hours before the wedding Hope, my husband and I went in to look at the ballroom. I did not like the silver chairs that we had rented! I wanted gold chairs! My husband looked at me, Hope looked and him…and she made the call. That night we had our gold chairs and the ballroom was the backdrop for the most wonderful wedding ever.

– Kathy & Guy Crane

As soon as we recovered from the initial excitement of our daughter Casey’s engagement we called a friend whose daughter was recently married, looking for a recommendation for a wedding planner.  The name we were given was Hope Wasserman Weis.  We interviewed Hope and decided to engage her as our planner.  What a great decision we made!  We would strongly recommend Hope to anyone looking for an experienced and professional wedding planner.

Hope has her act together and she was hugely helpful planning and organizing the wedding.  Hope’s suggestions for the various vendors that made up the Dowell wedding team were critical to the success of the wedding.  All of Hope’s suggested vendors were highly professional and talented.

The wedding planning, thanks to Hope, was well scheduled and organized, which greatly reduced our stress levels and made the wedding as worry free as possible.  We were very pleased with Hope’s professionalism and her extensive experience made the whole process a pleasure.  We want to thank Hope for a job well done and we would highly recommend her as a planner.

– Kathy & Dan Dowell

Hope Weis is the consummate Chicago insider and professional in terms of wedding planner. She listens, anticipates and delivers on everything. This was our second wedding in four months and Chicago was a “destination” wedding for us. Her “can do” attitude and effortless ease at producing a quality, personal and memorable event are her trade mark. Hope facilitated the perfect service and a party that was just so much fun. Her small touches and attention to detail were invaluable. As a demanding mother-of-the bride, I had a wonderful, carefree time on the day of the wedding, I was so confident that Hope would manage everything, and she did! Bravo!!

– Celine & John Lowrey

Where to begin! First we just returned from a wedding with no ‘wedding consultant ‘- enough things went ‘wrong’ that they were obvious to the wedding guests- never good! Interesting because ‘no expense’ was spared and yet, lack of attention to details was obvious !

Can’t imagine our ‘wedding journey’ without you! I think we most appreciated having you on board from the beginning-making decisions about venues, music, photographer, and florist were all key to realizing our vision of our daughter’s wedding day. Your vendors were such a lovely group of people to work with. With your support and guidance, we chose wonderful people to make our wedding not only beautiful, but fun to host for our family and friends!! We enjoyed the weekend of celebration and gifted our daughter with the wedding she had constructed in her planning-simple, but elegant, intimate, but inclusive of all the important people in her and Marco’s lives, fun and entertaining for us, as well as our guests.

Having you seeing to the schedule on the day of the wedding, allowed us to thoroughly enjoy our time with our family and friends! Worry free! Absolute confidence in knowing that everything was in place, and even if something would happen- you were there with the experience and patience to make it work!

I didn’t look around once during the entire weekend of celebration and see anything that needed to be done!

Loved the wedding schedule to guide us through the calendar of events leading to the big day!

We have such fond memories of Stephanie’s wedding!

You know how many little things happened-flooding of the organ at church and the reception room at the hotel, and the leaking roof onto the wedding dress-not to mention, a week of record heat for Chicago!! Still had the time of our lives!!!

– Jill & Steve Newcom

I don’t know the right words to thank you enough for everything you did to make Lillian & Josh’s wedding the most splendid and joyful occasion!  We have received so many emails, cards & letters from guests expressing how extra special the whole event was – from flowers, to music, to food & drink – even the gift bags!  And I owe it all to you!  Your guidance, experience, organization & friendship is appreciated more than I can say.  You are simply the best!

Saw recently that you received an award from your industry – if it were up to me, you would have received 10.  Surely well deserved.  I do hope to work with you again.  Thank you so much!

-Michele Lorand & Paul Ringel

Thank you so much for bringing to life the most beautiful, wonderful, magical wedding weekend.  John and I knew from our very first skype call that we were in great hands and working with you to plan our wedding was truly a joy.

Especially being long distance and in the middle of a cross-country transition, it made a world of difference to know we had you guiding us the entire way.

We are still smiling from ear to ear thinking of the best day of our lives, and we know we’ll continue to look back on it as such in the years to come.  There are not adequate words for how grateful to you we are for making it all happen!  All our love,

-Jane & John Tough

My family and I cannot thank you enough for coordinating the most incredible day for us!  Your thoughts and expertise were absolutely invaluable throughout the entire process; I would not have known where to begin without you!  I have dreamt of my wedding for as long as I can remember and because of you, the day surpassed everything I had imagined.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

– Erin & Mike Capalbo

As the mother of an only son, it never entered my mind that I would ever be totally responsible for a complete wedding here in Chicago at the Four Seasons. A destination wedding for people from Asia (including the jet-lagged couple ) and from all over the country and Europe. I feel it would never have been possible without Hope. She helped us in every way and her suggestions were all proven to be correct and helpful. I never could have survived without her guidance and I recommend her highly as a very professional, knowledgeable and kind wedding consultant. It would not have been the success if was without her recommendations.

– Elizabeth & Charlie DeWitt

I am the mother of two brides, two different weddings, two of the most perfect days in my life. My heartfelt thank you to Hope Wasserman~Weis. As I look back at our weddings and the memories that I’ll cherish forever, I realized what it is that Hope does best. Hope creates your perfect TEAM!

As we planned our wedding my daughters and I laughed, bonded, and truly enjoyed every decision made. Stress free! When the wedding day finally arrived this mother and father of the bride(s) were fully prepared and fully present. We were a witness to one of the most blessed days in our life and we didn’t miss one second of the joy!

You are special Hope, and you are a gifted professional in making weddings extraordinary!

Mrs. Leslie Africano
Proud mother of the brides!

PS. We have 1&1/2 grand daughters…… so far!

– Leslie & Tom Africano