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Congratulations! You’re Getting Married! Now What?



In the World of Weddings, this time of year is known as Engagement Season; the Holiday’s, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are very popular times to “Put a Ring on it!”

As a Wedding Consultant with more than 20 years of experience, part of my job is to help my couples navigate this very exciting time in their lives.

If you are newly engaged, first and foremost, Congratulations!

Stop, breathe and enjoy the moment!!

This can be a highly stressful time but also a fun and enjoyable ride. Remember that this is about your marriage and not just the wedding day. If a Wedding Consultant is in your budget, get someone that you connect with on board as soon as possible. The sooner you hire someone, the more they can help to guide you, ease your stress and help you enjoy the process.

Many couples jump in with both feet and try to do everything at once because they are so excited. They soon become very overwhelmed and frustrated, taking the joy out of the whole experience. When starting the planning process, the top three things that I focus on with my couples and their families are as follows:

  • Determine the size and style of your wedding.
  • Decide what a comfortable budget is and what that will include.
  • After selecting a date, secure the creative partners that can only do one event at a time. ie: Band, photographer, favorite officiant.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Congratulations! You’re Getting Married! Now What? originally appeared in The Local Tourist on February 21, 2014